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How Trimming Preserves Tree Health and Saves You Money

Tree trimming and pruning are essential maintenance practices that can yield a lot of short- and long-term benefits for property owners. It’s one of the most important tools available for directing growth and preserving the health of your trees. Good trimming practices can also save you a lot of money by preventing accidents, repairs, and outages.

Focus Resources on Good Growth

Each tree can only harness so many resources from the air and soil in a given week, month, and year. Their growth opportunities for each season are finite, which means it’s important to make every nutrient count. Trimming unwanted or unhealthy foliage or branches stops the tree from investing valuable resources into unproductive places.

Reduce Crowding and Uneven Development

Overcrowding of branches on the trunk or crown of the tree can be a serious aesthetic problem and a long-term stability issue. Even and well-spaced branch growth helps to keep trees upright as they age and ensures good circulation around the trunk. You can use different types of trimming and pruning practices to encourage or discourage growth, which is an important strategy for cultivating many types of trees and shrubs.

Improve Circulation and Light Exposure

Air circulation through the foliage and around the trunk is important for several reasons. It ensures a strong photosynthetic cycle in the leaves by providing a consistent source of carbon dioxide. Good circulation also reduces the risk of mold, mildew, and other types of fungal growth that thrive in dark and still environments. In addition, trimming branches and foliage helps light get through the canopy to the grass and other plants below.

Minimize Storm Damage

Keeping your trees free from unhealthy or unstable growth can make storms much less painful. Well-maintained trees are less likely to damage power or other utility lines. They’re also less likely to drop branches that could damage the roof of your property as well as people or cars below.

Mitigate Pests and Diseases

Trees that are stretched thin by supporting too much growth or unhealthy branches are much more likely to attract pests. Wood-boring insects like termites are a serious threat when there’s any kind of dead or dying tree material. Contagious diseases can also get a foothold and start spreading to other trees on the property.

Stay on Top of Tree Trimming

Proactive tree care represents a small investment for the potential rewards of having beautiful, healthy, and safe trees on your property. Homeowners and business owners in Albuquerque, NM can rely on Robert’s Tree Service for all of their trimming and pruning needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our professional solutions.

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