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The Basics of Residential Tree Removal

In many situations, removing trees on your property could be beneficial. Dead or decayed trees may need to be removed so that they don’t fall unexpectedly and cause damage. In addition, some trees may be in the way of your landscaping projects, too close to your home or driveway, or simply not part of your vision for your yard. If you plan on removing trees on your own, remember that safety always comes first. Below, you’ll find some basic tips that can help you handle this major project.

Be Prepared With the Right Gear

You’ll have to suit up to get ready for tree removal. You’ll need to protect each inch of your body, from head to toe. Invest in a helmet with a face shield, and equip yourself with safety glasses and earmuffs. Wear heavy-duty clothing and accessories, including thick gloves, a shirt or jacket that can protect your arms, thick pants, and closed-toe shoes. Manufacturers actually make clothing designed for work involving chainsaws. Some are pants that can be worn on their own, and others are chaps that go over your pants.

Use the Proper Tools

A chainsaw will cut through a tree trunk efficiently — as long as you use the right kind of saw. Companies make electric and gas chainsaws, with gas versions typically offering more power than their electric counterparts. When choosing a model, remember that larger ones are more suitable for bigger trees, but they can be heavier and harder to maneuver.

If you’re taking down a tree that’s thicker than 18 inches in diameter, you’ll likely benefit from using a wedge. When placed in an initial notch cut, a wedge will prevent your chainsaw from getting pinches in a tree if it leans backward.

Be Strategic

With tree removal, things can go wrong very quickly, so you’ll need to be extremely careful in your planning. A main consideration to take into account is a tree’s fall path. Make sure nothing will get in the way when the tree falls down, and clear your work area so that you don’t trip over any obstacles while moving around.

Work With a Partner

Branches and trees could start to fall unexpectedly. This is especially true if they’ve been weakened by disease or decay. If you have someone helping you, they can carefully watch the tree and let you know if you need to clear the area due to a falling branch or leaning tree trunk.

It’s a Difficult DIY Task

Removing trees on your own can save some money, as long as you use the right equipment, plan out a strategy, and enlist the help of a partner. That being said, sometimes the risks might outweigh the benefits.

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