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Does Your Tree Need to Be Removed?

Trees such as oaks and sugar maples can live for hundreds of years. Yet, time catches up with them as it catches up with everything else. In the forest, a dead tree can stand for many years before it topples over and is broken down by fungi and microorganisms. A dead tree in your yard is an unsightly hazard. Besides a tree that’s obviously dead, what are other signs that your tree needs to be removed?

The Tree Is Too Sick or Damaged to Save

An arborist might be able to save a tree that is sick. They can also tell you when the tree is actively dying. The tree’s leaves or needles are weak and may not even appear in the spring. If needles or leaves do appear, they are spotted or turn black. Flowers and fruit also turn black and rot. Branches are brittle and easily break. You’ll notice that the bark is peeling to the point where the tree’s inner bark is exposed. The bark may exude a bad-smelling fluid called alcoholic slime flux, and cracks start to form in the trunk. Sometimes the tree is simply overwhelmed by diseases and pests, blasted by lightning, or damaged by violent weather to the point where it can’t be saved.

The Tree’s Roots Are Intrusive

Some trees, such as willows have roots that seek out sources of water, and that may mean your sewer drain. Tree roots can slow down your drains or even cause sewage to back up into your house. You’ve probably seen photos where the tiny roots of a tree invade a pipe so thoroughly that the pipe not only bursts but the roots take on the shape of the pipe. Repairing this calamity is expensive, and if the tree isn’t taken down, its roots find ways to invade your new pipes. There are also trees whose roots may not be hydrophilic but have been planted so close to your house that they damage your foundation or interfere with the ability of your other trees to flourish. These trees also need to be taken down.

The Tree Is Leaning Too Much

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a tree that is absolutely plumb. However, if you notice that one of your trees has a lean of more than 15 degrees, it might be time to take the tree down. It’s urgent to take your tree down if it’s leaning over structures or electrical wires.

Call the Professionals for Expert Tree Removal

If you notice any signs that your tree is dead, dying, or in a dangerous spot or position, don’t hesitate to call for tree removal. Arborists pride themselves on their thoroughness and their ability to take down even a large tree in the safest way possible. For expert tree removal, give us a call at Robert’s Tree Service in Albuquerque, New Mexico today.

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