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Have Stumps Removed or Ground Out Before Damage Occurs

Having a tree taken out often means more than just cutting it down. Whether you choose to remove a tree because it is diseased, damaged or simply unsightly, you will be left with a stump that could become a hazard. To avoid problems in the future, deal with the stump now.

Stumps Can Host Dangerous Pests, Molds and Fungi

Once a tree starts to die, pests move in. Once you have a dead stump in your yard, chances are good that fungi and mold are already attacking it. Such agents of rot can be very hard on your soil and may be dangerous to children and pets.

Moisture may pool around the base of your stump and create a perfect haven for termites, stinging ants and wasps. The longer they stay in that stump, the more likely they are to try to move into your home or garage when the stump is finally removed. Act quickly to avoid a stump full of dangerous pests.

Stump Rot Can Spread to Other Trees

Because your stump is completely vulnerable to such infestations, things like pests, mold and fungi can easily spread to your healthy trees. To avoid the risk to the other plants on your property, removing a stump as soon as possible is the best plan. Once the stump is gone, the roots will break down instead of serving as a route for rot to spread to other trees.

An Abandoned Stump Can Be a Tripping Hazard

Little children can have little focus, especially when they are having fun playing outside. As grass grows, the edges of a stump may disappear from view. Protect everyone who has access to your yard by getting old stumps removed quickly.

Stumps Hiding in the Grass Can Damage Your Mower

No matter how carefully you try to remember, there will come a time when you forget about a stump hidden in the grass. You might trip over the stump, twist an ankle or hit it with your mower. Whether you’re walking behind a push mower or using a rider, that blade can be dangerous if you take a tumble.

You might also cause damage to your mower. Lawnmower blades can cut through rotten wood, but it’s not the best way to keep an edge on that blade. Worse, the sudden stop of the rotation of the blade can be tough on your mower’s motor. Avoid such hazards by getting stumps removed quickly.

Protect your Albuquerque, NM yard with a call to Robert’s Tree Service about this necessary stump grinding service. Don’t wait until your current stump poisons other trees on your property. The sooner it is gone, the sooner you can put in a tree that will thrive.

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