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Tips Arborists Use to Remove Christmas Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are difficult to remove, and Christmas tree stumps are no different because a Christmas tree is like any other tree. To ensure a Christmas tree stump is properly removed, arborists will follow the below tips.

Dig All Around the Roots of the Tree

The first step that an arborist will follow for removing a Christmas tree stump is to expose as much of the roots as possible. To expose the roots, arborists will dig all around the roots as deeply as possible using a shovel or spade. Digging is performed in a circular pattern around the stump to remove large amounts of soil away from the roots.

Chop the Roots

Once the arborist has exposed the roots, the next step is to chop them up. Chopping the roots makes them easy to remove. There are a variety of ways an arborist can chop roots, such as by using a hatchet, saw, or axe.

Remove the Stump

After chopping up the roots, arborists will remove the stump. Since the root structure has been dismantled, it will be easy to pry the rest of the stump from the ground.

Fill the Hole

Filling the hole after removing the tree stump is important to avoid injury, as people’s feet can get caught in the hole and cause a fall. Some methods for packing the hole include filling it with potting soil or topsoil. Arborists will use equipment to ensure the soil is level with the rest of the ground and may add grass seed or lawn repair patching for aesthetic purposes.

Grind the Stump

Now that the stump has been removed, you have the choice to do what you wish with it. You can grind it up to use for firewood or a bond fire or for burning in your fireplace. You can also add it to a compost pile if you have one. Just tell the arborist what you want to do with the stump, and they will make sure it is ground in such a way that you can use it.

Safety Warning

Do not attempt Christmas tree stump removal yourself. Understand that arborists use special equipment and safety gear to get the job done without causing injury to themselves or others in the vicinity. Arborists also wear eye protection to keep debris from causing injury to their eyes and work gloves to protect their hands. They use ear plugs to safeguard their hearing when using machinery. Finally, arborists are rigorously trained in safety procedures. They know how to scout out an area for hazards, avoid hazards while working, and handle emergencies should they arise.

You do not have to allow Christmas tree stumps to remain on your property. Call Robert’s Tree Service for tree stump removal and stump grinding services in Albuquerque, NM today.

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