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Breaking a tree stump with a cutter

Why It’s Best to Remove Tree Stumps Before Winter Sets In

You may believe that having tree stumps on your property is no big deal; however, the contrary is true. Tree stumps are hazardous for trees, property and people. Pests are attracted to tree stumps, and these pests can harm the health of your other trees.

Tree stumps can damage property because roots that continue to grow underground can invade your foundation and damage it. These roots can even penetrate your pipes and cause them to burst. While you need to remove tree stumps as soon as possible, fall is prime time for tree stump removal. Here are several reasons to choose this time of year.

Get Work Done Before Inclement Weather

Winters in Albuquerque, NM are cold, with average daily lows below freezing. Snowstorms are also a factor in this area, with the average amount of annual snowfall being 10 inches. It is best to get all landscape work done before winter really gets under way, and this includes tree stump removal.

The Job Is Much Easier

It is easier to remove tree stumps in the fall as opposed to winter. The ground will still be soft from the summer rainfall, and softer ground will make stump removal much simpler. But the ground in fall is not too soft for stump removal to cause disturbances to your landscape, which is why this season is prime time for tree stump removal. Not to mention, trees start to enter their dormant period in the fall, and this can also make it easier to remove stumps.

Stump Removal Will Cost More if You Wait

Removing tree stumps in the winter can be quite challenging. The ground freezes, and this makes it difficult to remove and grind tree stumps. Because arborists will need to exert more effort to complete the job, you will pay more. The amount of effort needed to complete the task is factored into the cost of services.

If you wait until spring or summer, you will pay more because these are the busiest seasons for arborists. Many homeowners want to spruce up their landscapes and procure tree care services, so arborists are in high demand. During the fall, they will be more willing to negotiate a better rate with you.

Tree removal is not truly complete until the stumps are gone. The safety of your remaining trees, your household and your property are important to us, and we will make sure to do a thorough job. If you need stump removal and stump grinding services in Albuquerque, NM or the surrounding areas, contact our team at Robert’s Tree Service right now.

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