Why Summer Is a Great Time for Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Machine

Summer provides the perfect weather for caring for your yard maintenance tasks that include removing tree stumps, and stump grinding is one of the best methods for completing this task. Here are some benefits for stump grinding in the summer. Enhances Yard Appearance Tree stumps can be an eyesore because they detract from the beauty […]

Spring Renewal: Ideal Time for Tree Removal

tree cut into sections

Spring is the time of fresh starts, making it an ideal moment to review your home and consider necessary adjustments. One potential change could involve tree removal. Although it may appear contradictory to cut down trees during a season associated with growth and rejuvenation, there are numerous reasons why spring is the perfect time of […]

4 Benefits of Removing Tree Stumps From Your Property in the Winter

Tree stump on the lawn

Taking care of the exterior of your home can feel overwhelming if you choose to leave the bulk of the work for one season, such as springtime. If you want to stay ahead of feeling stressed and you want to tend to your home’s landscaping, consider removing tree stumps during the wintertime instead. Knowing what […]

Does Your Tree Need to Be Removed?

forestry worker at work

Trees such as oaks and sugar maples can live for hundreds of years. Yet, time catches up with them as it catches up with everything else. In the forest, a dead tree can stand for many years before it topples over and is broken down by fungi and microorganisms. A dead tree in your yard […]

Why It’s Best to Remove Tree Stumps Before Winter Sets In

Breaking a tree stump with a cutter

You may believe that having tree stumps on your property is no big deal; however, the contrary is true. Tree stumps are hazardous for trees, property and people. Pests are attracted to tree stumps, and these pests can harm the health of your other trees. Tree stumps can damage property because roots that continue to […]