How Trimming Preserves Tree Health and Saves You Money

Trimming tree with electric saw

Tree trimming and pruning are essential maintenance practices that can yield a lot of short- and long-term benefits for property owners. It’s one of the most important tools available for directing growth and preserving the health of your trees. Good trimming practices can also save you a lot of money by preventing accidents, repairs, and […]

4 Benefits of Professional Stump Grinding

Old tree stump

Whether you’ve had a tree on your property removed out of convenience or necessity, the work is only partially completed when the tree comes down. Stumps create a number of potential issues that can lead to inconvenience and potentially expensive problems. Consider these four benefits of investing in professional stump grinding. Protect Other Trees If […]

How Tree Removal Can Save You Money

Storm felled oak tree falls on house ripping through its roof

Trees are amazing, providing many benefits from cleaning the air to providing shade on hot days. But sometimes, trees can become too large for their surroundings or pose safety hazards. In these cases, tree removal is the safest and most cost-effective option for homeowners. Here is a closer look at why tree removal may be […]